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Aftab may appear an elite, he is made of dust
Accomplishments always tell Aftab, so what

In Trance from *Aftab's bar*


"Born and raised son of the Indus he was,
Adapted by Ohio Allegheny and Ohioghenny rivers,
To educate him at the University of Pittsburgh.

Potomac's adapted eclectic son is now hosted by,
Weisse Elster im Universität Leipzig and Johns Hopkins,
Loved by Oxus Jaxarte Jehlem Chenab rivers.

Intercultural and international soul that he is,
After researching many years ethnicity nationalisms,
Denounces these prejudiced sources of conflicts.

A Sindhi yet an "Outcast" in Sindhi community of North America,
Popular among Gods Godesses Asian African European
Respected by Caucasian Spanish and African-American.

Ethnopolitical hatred is perennial poison to world society,
Aftab denounced the parochial ethnoreligious subnationalisms,
'Free men maintain neither possessions nor ethnicity'."

(NOTE: I am grateful to Ms. Silke Schilder [Berlin] and Dr. Gerd Strüblert [Leipzig] for correcting me. Dr. Strüblert was very kind to suggest name of the great scenic river Weisse Elster that flows gracefully by the Clara Zetkin Park in lovely and schön (Beautiful) Leipzig. Aftab)

"Real World so strange! Advanced learning often reverses roles,
Experts easily change opinion, thanks to operating lobbying chores,
Valuable geopolinomic methodologies, yet policies regress quality more,
Objectivity orphanors, Aftab when media masterminds political subtleties."

"If you've become a popular politician, so what?
Even an insecure restless billionaire, so what?
Money or power never helps anyone escape death?
Accomplishments always tell Aftab, so what?"

"No Ethnicity"
"Oh Erudite, let me make love to You like a Beautiful Book
"Longing and Waiting"
"Sweetest Smiles"
"Material Love"
"Mysteries of Love:

No Winners and No Losers"

"Helpless Before Fate"

"'Thinking Love'
in Life's Valentine Party"
"Truth Died"
"Esoteric Pimps"


Intellect Meat-eaters

(About learning the knowledge of mystical mysteries)
This poem is dedicated to

"Oh Erudite teach me the eternal Truth,
Share your erudition sophistication,
Let me make love to you like a Beautiful Book.

Your eyes are reading lamps,
Breasts lively paperweights,
Thy body is bookshelf,
Long neck is alley to archives,
Your beautiful arms are bookends,
Weatish thighs bounded book-covers,
Let me comprehend in immersion,
Kiss you all over lips cheeks and chum,
Let me make love to you like a Beautiful Book.

Oh Aftab, I thought you would never ask,
Explore Truth and truthful sophistification,
Make love to me like a Beautiful Book.

Relax under the shadow of my eye lamps,
These breasts are your playmate paperweights,
Body thy bookshelf find scriptures caressing,
Thighs bounded book covers open with tender kissing,
Textbook in the Heartland awaits your reading,
Inscribe name irrigating pen with ink,
Open pages with lips, citations by pencil of tongue,
Understand mystery, the world of Truth sophistication,
Oh Aftab, Life is short don't waste,
Make more and more love to me like a Beautiful Book.

Oh Erudite, chapters and conclusion are complete,
Something within Soul remains still incomplete,
Let me hold you tight by chest and Heart,
I wish to rest by your thighs a little more,
Review extra citations with tongue and lips,
Until the cock crows, Life alarm rings,
Aftab must fulfill Soul from your Beauty, prepare himself,
To enter the Next World as an Erudite Person.

Oh Erudite, let me master the eternal Truth,
Make more more more love to you like a Beautiful Book."


"Don't tell me,
What's on your mind,
I will read,
In-between the lines,
From your smiles.
Give me a kiss,
Your intoxicating lips,
Offer life-giving Wine;
Forgive my mistakes,
Correct me my love,
Because Aftab lives,
By your grace and
Sweetest Smiles."

(Inspired by Sindhi Poet Late Ustad Bukhari)

"Look at Cuckoo, Nightingale and Moth,
Love-sick longing with sighs in mouth,
Hopes to meet Beloved, in a life so short,
Aftab sip goblet fast, time flies away".


"The Cuckoo, Nightingale and Moth,
Visited Aftab's Bar last night,
Cuckoo cried of separation from own,
Nightingale wounded in Love by rose thorn,
Candle light fried the innocent Moth.

All lovers have difficulty with Beauty,
Paths of love are never so easy,
Game of love a mystical mystery,
Winners cannot claim to victory,
Losers never lose romantic trickery,
Remains only the nostalgic Heart."

(Inspired by Fikrat Goja's (Azerbaijan) beautiful poem "Sometimes").
Respectfully dedicated to Carol

"She in youth, me youthful,
Fate brought us together across the oceans,
People with smiles reciprocated our feelings,
Amid great moments, love changed phases.

Her face wrinckled, my hair gray,
Fate visited us again across the oceans,
Friends forgot us amid the changing phases,
Ah! Those painful unexpected settings,
Luckily our hearts reciprocated with Respect,
For the sake of great times spent together,
We departed in different directions.
With, our faces wrinkled,
Aftab's hair gray."


"He's been looking for Love since born,
From valleys Indus Allegheny Potomac,
To Weisse Elster Oxiana Jexarte and Sahara deserts,
Mounts Hindukash Tian Shian Cameron Pamirs
In the great Valentine party this evening,
Full of Beauty followed by beasts,
Love never stays, often passes-by,
Leaving him "think-love" and the dancing partners.

This Human Marble dressed in darkish satin,
How could I dance with Taj Mahal in front!
Oh Beautiful I simply can't,
I only wish to watch see you dancing.

This dazzling blonde from the world of Vikings,
A voluptuous fairy heart always admires,
I whispered in her ear few mystical little things,
Her eyes communicated with exotic smiles,
No one ever told what you said Aftab,
Appreciating the moment I asked her to dance,
But a beast grabbed her to the Great Hall floor.

I kept thinking "thinking-love" till the doll-looking came,
Rescued me and we rushed to the dancing floor,
Dance lasted several tunes to our beautiful souls,
Suddenly, Viking girl gazed from near the floor,
Charmed me with smiles, I desired her graceful lore,
But my arms were locked around this Beautiful doll,
The fold was tight arms won't open at all,
We danced and danced till the moment of Fate,
Parted politely near before Dawn.

He's been looking for love since Dawn,
Friends lovers loved-ones only meet to part,
Suddenly a sound enlightened from within his Soul,
Beloved blessed Aftab in beautiful Cosmos,
Love always lives in his restless heart,
Lovers always leave scars deep hurt chart,
Heart never heals from Life's wonderful Valentines,
Searching love is one, Aftab also has been thinking,
"Thinking love" since born."


"It's a Miracle!
Mystical became real,
Real mystical.
Two craving souls,
Without holding hands,
Without touching each other,
And sweet kisses,
Without sipping wine together,
And, a few laughs in privacy,
Yearn with longing,
Across continents,
Is the power of love.
Fate has connected them,
Their hearts and Souls,


"Fate's parable directs, this dwindling life,
Was I hospitalized, only to meet thee,
It separated us behind the terrorist veneer,
Why fate graces lovers with hurricane color,
Instead of fulfilment, offers longing with emptiness,
How long can I wait to see you across continents,
Life changes constantly, everyday feels like yearning years,
Longing matures with fondness, through thirsty eyes tears,
Soul seeks Beloved, not life's empty waiting rooms,
Love will grace us one day, with fateful romantic meetings,
Aftab remembers your life-giving loving messages,
From the past, present and future, life after life, I swear."


"Material world is beautiful, yet emptiness abounds,
Charming regrets, heart-breaking favorite pastimes,
You may easily cultivate, find hard to reap or yield,
Desires love seeks, need nurturing indeed!
Otherwise, this Heart wished to desire you so deeply,
Embrace your silky charms with zest eternally,
Fate however designs unusual scence occasionally,
Romantic ties sometime destined being lonely.
Materialists don't value love with Soul, but understand,
Aftab is not unfaithful, only unfamiliar with your ways,
Is your love really changing shirt every few days?
After all Heart craves affection, seeking inner peace,
Even infatuation needs crying shoulder for rest or nest.

I saw you the other day while crossing the street,
Values might have tired you, rosy face looked pale,
Tan sale in worldly cults, known to abuse innocent souls,
Stories abound secrets, misled souls often tell,
Has peace of mind tortured your peace of inner-Soul?
When heart bleeds, wounds pain, remember Sweetheart,
Connect or not, your love potion mirrors Aftab's spirit and chest."



(Poem about changing friendship phases with my ethnic Sindhi folks in Sindhi Association of North America. Dedicated to Jose, Niels, Fabiana, Antoine and ALL of my intercultural and international friendships)

"The Blind, Dumb and Deaf,
Known to me for five thousand years,
Supposedly good old Indus Valley friends.
Blind cannot see, dumb never speaks,
Deaf doesn't listen, so I offered,
My Soul, eyes, voice, and ears to assist.

On a bright morning one July 4,
Blind stated he must rewrite history,
Dumb dictated lectures that no one understood,
Deaf developed an "Ato chay ghobbaato(1) attitude,
All in concert masterbated history.
(REF. (1) Sindhi saying "Deaf may listen but never understands, only misinterpretes,")

Some folks never learn to appreciate kindness,
Aftab moved their names to his list of acquaintances,
Freed himslef from fake friendships,
Ongoing for the "Lost" twenty five years.

Blind, dumb and deaf still lie and brag,
Beloved banished them inner heart-soul peace pleasures,
Regulars to "Aftab's Bar"(1) from around the world,
Sip Conchaytoro clear heart from hurt go in Peace."

(Impression based on the proceedings of a conference hosted by WSI (World Sindhi Institute, Washington, DC), as reported by Mr. G.N. Mughul and published in the Daily Frontier Post (Pakistan). This reflects the behavior of Sindhi subnationalists

"On May 20 some Sindhi 'nihilists',
Variety of incorrigible extremists,
Blind ethnoreligious and pseudo-nationalists,
Together with aculturally decreasing North American 'half Sindhis',
In the garb of subversive human rights,
Publicized sadistic predilections,
Killed truth with chaotic distortions,
Conceptually replayed the Hyderabad Carnage.

G.M. Syed, ZA Bhutto and Bhitai
Painfully turned sides in graves,
Cried out loud for help without avail,
They deprived Syed, denouncing his,
Sindh Assembly Pakistan Resolution,
In the very presence of Syed's quiet son!
Bhutto paranoid at unpatriotic inventions,
Bhitai sensed creative terrorization,
Emerging Sindhi middle classes,
Dreamt deadly societal destruction.

Two plus two must equal seven, they lied and said,
Dead truths lay naked in coffins,
Mahbooba(1) Mercy, save this World,
And my indigenous and Muhajir Sindhis,
From misguided national-self annihilation.
(REF.1) Beloved
Fearful heart humbly begs Love to resolve,
The centuries old perceptual contradictions,
Aftab thanks Beloved for saving him,
From untimely chauvinist powwow contortions.

"Your love life has changed, yet You remembered and wrote,
Sweetheart may not care, but has warmed this heart with note,
Brought smiles and tears together, life anew I can't ignore,
We wished us be friends, after longtime hurt contact no more,
Your beautiful city surely maintains a unique atmosphere,
Loving by heart and loving by mind appear different metaphor,
Reciprocates expressively, aimed at hearts' cruel capture,
Ah Love, as much as Heart longs to see you, at least once more,
Getting drowned in the lake nearby your blue eyes shore,
However, Fate warns with its authoritarian mysterious tore,
Worship the image painted inside, body no more; Fate's ignore
Beloved may live within, love-making plays own spiritual role."
Ah Love, un-loved fate never understands melancholy,
Mystery of pleasure pain, body-soul union shared amorously,
You may have won or both of us lost, Fate plays games tenderly,
Aftab has accumulated enormous wealth, from our love mystically,
Un-melting difficulty with beauty, Your sweet memorial mystery,
Happy you are, left me without respite yearning nostalgically,
Sweetheart knows, heart desires to feel her close physically,
Drink wine from her lips, loving emotionally spiritually,
Afraid to lose again, love nature varies frankly and friendly,
It's been a struggle to save possessions, amassed so passionately,
Aftab cannot change or fight against Destiny, like You may do so freely,
Helpless has learned to respect Fate Stars, for Hope compassionately."

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"Where the earth begins, sea awaits land,
Where sea starts, earth gets kissed,
I live within earth, water, fire and wind,
Away in freedom from identities confused.
Aftab maintains no address,
Erudite Sweethearts are accustomed to erase,
It's hidden in the soul of moonbeams,
In green crops and playing desert fields,
In the bottom of oceans, in sips found on beaches,
In wishes of lovers, within sweetest tongue of mothers,
In expressions of love, amongst flowers romantic roses,
In amourus smiles and tears, amongst hateful racism scenes,
Indus son does not believe in ethnicity possessions,
Those who understand "Ishque"(1) understand,
In entire Cosmos, Sweetheart is Aftab's address.

(Ref. 1. "Ishque" is a multidimensional phenomenon and the "passion of love" is, but only one among them. It is very difficult to define Ishque. In the West, love is often understood by various forms of infatuations. "Ishque" on the otherhand, represents the advanced stages of love, which may or may not involve infatuation and/or be beyond them. Ishque is love of all loves, infatuation of all infatuations, attachment of all passions and much more. It is felt only and has no criteria to be judged by other than perhaps the intensity levels of soul relationships. This intensity transforms lover and beloved, unites them into "One" single reality emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Ishque reflect the stage where pain brings pleasure and is felt no more. It mirrors the unity of souls, which is a very holy sentiment beyond materialism, where any act of love or infatuation, physical or psychological is nothing but only worship. It is an advanced stage without expactations, where one always wishes to give, never aspires receiving. Libertine mystics have often perceived infatuation as an elementary stage of love and love-making an act to cross the bridge between elementary infatuation and the advanced spiritual stages of higher love. Just as all writing is not mystical, every infatuation or act of love-making is not mystical or holy. It is felt only by a few blessed advanced souls with some mystical qualities themselves. Only advanced souls are able to attain these higher post-infatuation phases. The "Ishque" phenomenon hiterto remains complex to describe for its too many mystical complexities. It appears that no particular word in Western languages has yet expressed exactly what "Ishque" means. Briefly, it is much more than the love of all loves and beyond, not merely some acts of infatuation.)

2. HOPE (To be edited)
"Dark clouds keep raining,
Darkness has dominated,
Our hearts minds and souls,
World has not ended or gone still,
Sky not fallen; life goes on,
Let us drown fears in goblets,
Hoping the light to enlighten us,
Let us not discuss rain,
Temporary solace is fine,
Let us sip nector from our lips,
This red ruby wine entices hope,
To kiss moon and sun on your face,
Give me an intoxicating kiss,
Like rain, love thrives on moist Hope,
Without kissing water earth dries,
An act of environmental sublime,
Little is left of our lifetimes,
Yours mine alike.
Moonshine appears sad around grave yards,
Moonlight doesn't feel to think so,
Time however is precious,
Why waste a lifetime,
Yours and mine alike,
Dont await for unknown heavens,
Come close open lips,
Let us sip little more love,
Before clouds rain again,
Drown the sunshine,
Hopes may not materialize,
Power politics is never trusted,
Sweetheart, what are you waiting for?
Let us make love right now,
Why wait another life,
Another moon to shine,
Everything is temporary,
Infatuation, love, promises, life,
Age old mysteries originate
So many lifetimes we don't realize,
Only Heart and Soul can define,
You don't seem to remember, but
Aftab has been following You,
Sometime soon, sometime late,
Find some time to discuss,
Playing of love-lives,
Mysteries of beauty,
Darkness and tragedy,
Romance of rain sunshine,
Like yours and mine."