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In Trance from *Aftab's Bar*



"Beloved, keep "Aftab's Bar" buffer between hells and heavens,
Pleasure-bored heavenly, agonized hellys deserve few breaks,
Provide Conchaytoro plenty, smiles on broken-heart sad faces,
Haves have-nots sip lips equally, none leaves Tavern thirsty".

"Empty words travel like hot winds from mouths,
Education human rights "businesses", insincere blood clouts,
Amid modernization development Aftab, folks still dream unreals,
Scientifically Udero LAl never surfed palA fish in Sindhu waters."

(Udero Laal is an imaginary mythical saint figure who supposedly came out of Sindhu waters riding the palaa fish (Shad)).

"Gulu's Mother are you proud? Gulu dehumanizes sufism,
Insults Latif Sachal, politicizes violence esoteric subnationalism,
Abuses knowledge, preaches bigotry copying pseudo-intellectualism,
Aftab forsees Sindhis suffering, O Gulu your raw cultural chauvinism."

(Note: Gulu is a name, short for Gul (flower) or Gulab (rose); Latif and Sachal are names of the mystical saint poets of the lower Indus Valley from the 18th century)

"Brahman Bhai(1) be kind to Castes called Dalits Shuders,
Beloved's Creation loves God by Heart like us amongst themselves,
Aftab wonders, you be happy against your own will or humane desire,
If reincarnation randomly destined life back amongst Dalits Shuders."
(REF. 1. Bhai= Brother)

A NOTE on Aftab's Bar-
QUATRAINS: "Fate-writing Artist"- "Accomplishments"- "Think Tanks"- "Heart-Soul Healers"- "Fake Sindhi Princess"- "Indus Lands or Pakistan"- "On Theosophic Hypocrisy and Collective Community Consciusness- 'Mullah, Rammon and Rawmulla". New quatrains and poems will be added

(NOTE: Aftab's Bar is an act of love that depicts the processes of universal socialization. It lives in the hearts and minds of my intercultural and international friends. Reciprocating friendship with friendliness, together we shared companionship and scholarship at ISH (International Students House, Washington, DC). Our sittings became so popular that some friends named them as Aftab's Bar. We sipped Conchaytoro (A wine from Chile), which our friends called as the official drink. It touched me, when my friends phoned in Leipzig on a July 4 only to share that "Aftab's Bar" sessions continued in my absence with the first sip of Conchaytoro toasted to my name. Niels, Jose and Gabriel started this tradition; Isaac, Fabiana, Antoine and many many other friends joined in and friendships matured. Jose and Fabiana established their own corners of Aftab's bar to strengthen this tradition. They even established an email account, i.e. "Aftabsbar" before my departure. We are scattered now. Nevertheless, whenever our friends meet in their own or other countries, the get togethers are remembered with nostalgia and communicated as Aftab's Bar sessions. These wonderful personal friendships have helped me to survive through several complexities of this erratic mundane life. For myself, it was a mystical experience guided by friendship and universal love. I take this opportunity to express gratitude for my friends --the Regulars of Aftab's Bar, as all of us are called- paraphrasing Latif Saaeen(1) in Sindhi language: "Aaoon na jee-andi uni ray (Translation: "I cannot live without them"). Reference. (1) Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai the 18th century A.D. poet-saint of Sindhi society in the ancient and exotic lower Indus Valley in Pakistan).

"If you have become a popular politician, so what?
Even an insecure restless billionnaire, so what?
Power or money never helped anyone escape death,
"Accomplishments" always tell Aftab, so what?

1. "Real world so strange, advanced learning often reverses roles,
Experts easily change opinion, thanks to operating lobbying chores,
Valuable geopolonomic methodologies, yet policies regress quality more,
Objectivity orphanor, Aftab when media masterminds political subtleties."

2. "Knowledge knows no bounds, ethnicity race religions,
Think-tanks often stereotype policies in selected alternate versions,
Thanks Beloved for saving Aftab, from distortions of historical proportions,
Competing lies and truths, depict empty intellectual constructions."

3. "Complexities of universe, compounded by cosmic mysteries,
Science is knowledge not truth, scholars offer stereotypicalties,
Civilization barbarism are twins Aftab, they normally rotate roles,
Philosophies haunt humanities, recycling through centuries."

4. "Right or wrong both intellectual constructs are cousins,
Humans design themselves, Might and Morlity standards,
Love taste also rotates Aftab, among sweet sweetish bitterness,
Though moon shines equally, over glorious and beggar themselves.

"Bhitai, Sachal, Saami, Khayyam and Shaikh Ayaz(1),
All lovers are regulars and visitors in Aftab's Bar,
Beloved us together, enlighten illusion arts,
'Sabbajhaa'(2) everyday perform some cardiology 'kamu kaar'(3),
Treat patients of hurt, with Conchaytoro(4) kindness."

(References: 1) Mystical poets in Sindhi society, 2) Graceful, 3) Work [words are from Sindhi language], and 5) wine from Chile).

-"NOTHING to Answer":
- "Saaqi" (Cup-bearer),
-"Beloved Indus".

" AAHA (Complaint): From Painful Heart and Soul About Fake Sindhiprincess",

"Oh Heart never complain all Sindhis are not fake,
A few always bring entire people to shame,
Sacred wine must not be wasted on living dead-souls,
Beauty demands enjoyments, Aftab ignore selfish rat-race."

"Oh Lord help, Heart hurts out of proportions,
Guide fake faces rightly, toward humane civilized attributes,
Hiding behind sindhiprincess, Fake seeks selfish satisfactions,
Punish or forgive him, Aftab begs Beloved his own protections."

"Shah Bhitai now being haunted by new Fake Bhittai,
21st century Madad Khan hides behind beautiful Latifi face,
Fake sindhiprincess is known now, ugly Satanic image,
Unhappy and bore, banish him in the Bhit Shah vale."


"Fools and fakes cannot hide historic realities,
Sindhu Desh is Pakistan, Old Indus Basin state boundaries,
Antiquity or modern, Sindhu continues with her course,
Karachi-Jacobabad doctrine, an anti-thesis of histories."

"Culture nation nationalism, some folks may never understand,
Subnationalisms often involve largely destructive trend,
Ethnolinguistic devisions depict, imperial divide-rule mechanisms,
Without historic understandings, only fools take anti-Sindhu stand."

"Sindh and Punjab at the time of British invasion,
Experienced similar levels of sociopolitical cultural interaction,
Emotional Sindhis resisted timely order, got isolated in ruler's annals,
Understood Hindus, Punjabis, emerged as new local ruler nations."

"Creation of Northwestern Railway, connected isolated regions,
Advanced barrage systems, changed geocultural communications,
New processes keep promoting, the Indus mode cultural equations,
Modern Sindhu classes emerging anew by historic cultural proportions."

POEMS: "Esoteric Pimps"


1. "Oh Mullah(1), Oh Ramoon(2) and Rawmulla(3)
Don't hide your uglines in theosophy,
A truth and lies May together play,
Beauty always stay never flies away."

2. "My Beloved has beautiful geography,
Drowsy drowning eyes and honey-rose lips,
Brownish nipples, Saharan hips(4), wheatish(5) thighs,
Yeah ecstasy! Blessed Aftab and thy kind kisses."

3. "Mullah Ramoon Rawmulla, don't harass.
Love is like a beautiful book to me,
Aftab wishes Oneness with Beloved's breasts,
Let a few souls comprehend analyses."

4. "Aftab sipped Conchaytoro(6) to make love,
In Mosque Mandir Church Synagogue Library,
Inside Mahrab(7) out on Mount Kailash(8),
Everywhere in Holy spaces of Heart."

5. "Beloved assured Aftab Grace Love abundance,
Mullah Ramoon Rawmulla cheating raw generic ones,
Jaundiced sick souls lonely bored among loved ones,
'Neofeudals' 'Neopirs'(9) esoteric pimps odallisques,
In total pains Sindhu cries and smiles simultaneously."

NOTE: These English verses reflect traditional eastern mystical style and folk-psyche popular in Southwestern and Central Asia. Artistic analogy of 'Beloved' in voluptuous human geography terms may however be among the first such an attempt in regional context, particularly in the modern poetic traditions of the Indus Basin.

(1). Mullah is Muslim priest

(2) Ramoon here represents Brahmanic priest

(3) I have coined the term 'Rawmulla' (Raw+Ramoon+Mullah) to describe the generically raw orthodoxy oriented illogical portrayal of a mystically garbed -shared belief about the paradoxical ethnic resolve. Exploiting theosophy, mixed groups of these incorrigile idealists portray as "esoteric nationalists" with "nihilist" political agenda sugar-coated with sufism reflecting the destruction of state and its developmental infrastructures to satisfy these groups' internal or perhaps some imported politicized convictions. Such an agenda may possibly be a vendetta against their own people to seek revenge for the group's nationwide rejection of their half a century old sub-nationalist perspectives in Sindh, Pakistan. These groups portray either as Hindu or Muslim or both/or neither, without any other logically explainable direct or indirect independent identity base or sociopolitical perspective in that regard. Rawmullas egomaniacally disguise themselves in multiple confusingly overlapping "dependent" identities. This complex behavioral phenomenon represents at least four contradictory tendencies, i.e. the orthodox Mullah (All varieties of Muslim beliefs) and or Ramoon, alone or combined, with or without shared belief(s); raw sociopolitical attitude and constantly changing esoterically oriented identities, and political opportunism that exploits religion, region and spiritualism for selfish motives.

4. Geographical resemblance with the beautiful sandy arches in parts of Sahara desert of which this writer is a pilgrim.

5. "Wheatish" explains the color of wheat corn, a folk taste for the color of human beauty amongst the Indus cultures.

6. Conchaytoro is a wine from Chile and the official drink amongst the regulars at Aftab's Bar.

7. "Mehrab" is an Arabic word for the specific location where Imam (Leader) leads prayer in mosque.

8. Mount Kailash" is a high mountain peak nearby Tibet in western Himalyas, the Holy abode of God Shiva in Hinduism.

9. "New-feudal"and "New-pir" are anomoly to Sindhi society. First refers to newly rich exploitative classes and the second to spiritual thugs. Both classes exploit common folks selfishly. Neofeuals loot socioeonomically, while Neopirs in the name of God, the Holy Spirit and with politicized forms of sufism.

10. "Sindhu is an indigenous name of the Indus river. Indus rivers travels from Lake Mansrover in Hamalyas to the Arabian Sea. In Pakistan it stretches from nearby Skardu in the northern areas toward the Attock regions (An historic Hindukash [Sindhukash] regions), from where it then travels all the way down south to its delta in the Arabian Sea crossing the Western Punjab and the southern Sindh provinces. The words S,H and I represent various Sindhi, Persian and Greek pronunciations of the word Sindhu [i.e. Sindhu, Hindu and Indu or Indus] and its lands). This land area, historically known as Sindh Country, is now called Pakistan comprising its various cultures. It is an irony of history that the original land area that has been historically called India, is now called Pakistan, and the Gangetic civilization traditionally called Bharat is now known as India at least since the British rule who treated the entire subcontinent as India.

"Gulu's Mother are you proud? Gulu has dehumanized sufism,
Insulted Latif Sachal, politicized violence esoteric subnationalism,
Abuses knowledge, preaches bigotry copying pseudo-intellectualism,
Aftab forsees Sindhis suffering, O Gulu your raw cultural chauvinism."

(Note: Gulu is a name, short for Gul (flower) or Gulab (rose); Latif and Sachal are names of the mystical saint poets of the lower Indus Valley from the 18th century)

The Poem "Truth Died"
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