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In Trance from *Aftab's Bar*

Aftab admires both bitter and sweet simultaneously
Beauty prohibits reasoning, rationality, reality, surreality

"Neither You nor I may understand pleasure pain heart soul hurt mystery,
Aftab's longing, your ignoring by remembering fashioned so very friendly,
Is geopolinomics playing, hindering our desires dreams and passions?
By the time we realize, neither You nor I be around admire love amorously."

"New Year brought your happy message in true friendly sense,
You and Aftab felt incomplete without each other affectionate,
Whenever truth measures love phases the way heart soul do,
Love manifests friendship and friendship determines love."

"Khayyam, whom can I tell the secrets of beauty,
Who can I share with the secrets of love in entirety,
Heart's Sweet is far away, Aftab avoids acquaintances,
Inspiration meditates the friend with soul similarity."

"Nau Roz is nearing the weekend of March 21st,
Friends tender gracefully Friend's heart's wish-list,
Aftab desires celebration, re-live one of Khayyam wishes,
Beloved-friend poetry-book and Wine, sipping soul-goblet."

"Whom can I tell? Melodies I see in your eyes,
Warming thoughts for heart soul gratefully enjoys,
Aftab dances to lyrics composed by your lips nipples and tongue,
Rose garden above thighs plays rythms, eternally mysterious songs."

"We both know what we are, persons and professionals,
Discussing policy history always bore human spirits,
Friend, talks of art love-life truths intimate romance suffice,
Aftab's not immoral, erotics has own truth warming charms."

"Oh Heart, enjoy today the pleasure of wine and friendship,
Before tomorrow makes Aftab part of the grand scheme called dust,
Whenever darkness descends enveloping heart spaces on earth,
Drying beauty seeks refuge in friend's moist lips hugging warmth."

"Lord, everyone has played with your ill-defined laws Divine,
You knew, life would be a living hell without love and wine,
Do not mistreat friendship and love, like Fate cruelly applies,
Gracefully differ rude-kind, veneger and lips-like red rose wine."

"Oh Beautiful one, who dares not to appreciate your beauty kindly,
Unreal inhumanly do not deserve your loving charms so friendly,
Do you feel friendship is also love far far above as Aftab does,
The Highest form of love, a defense against hypocrite love foe."

"What a beauty! Erudite appears marble in human form,
Taj Mahal is beautiful, stones maintain stony heart,
Friend don't awake memories, incomplete romance love lost,
Aftab looks for friends, love with pure friendship charm."

"It may look late, but memories never age,
Love and life images constantly may change,
Aftab knows, Sweetheart neither changes nor will age,
Beholders perceive vintage through Beloved's own eyes."

"Spring has arrived, winter continues not gone,
Pages of life turned, desired dawn has yet to arrive,
O Heart do not despair, if sweetheart changed her mind,
Love seasons may bring new, roses thorns in Aftab's sphere."

"Friend join me, let us treat heart's penetrating griefs,
Clear hurt with Conchaytoro, wipe torment with wine sips,
Aftab smiles at gestures of the delicate figured in the Tavern,
Enjoys life elixir; heart-breakers count own sorrows regrets."

"Some find ugliness in beauty, some cultivate love
Destiny assigned this soul be a bonded slave of love
Aftab may appear elite, he is made of dust a nobody
Love-weavers don't know what is hatred jealous nerve."

"Early one still healing, new one wounded heart O Madrid,
This spring flowers won't smell perfume O Madrid,
Pages of love been torn from the lif's notebook Aftab;
Write afresh amorously, the currricula of love O Madrid."

"When will you learn to heal hearts with smile?
Without love, human rights businesses are futile!
Aftab expects nothing from earth, only gives and loves,
Beauty seems blind to grace, causes heart-quakes senile."
(Aftab = Sun)

"Mind experiments in the Heart's logical romance laboratories,
Aftab explores Love science, mysterious sweet-scented hypotheses,
Fate blocks reasoning, subverts applied methodology factors,
Deduction induction flame affections, theoretical quixotic variables."

"Brahman Bhai(1) be kind to Castes called Dalits Shuders,
Beloved's Creation loves God by Heart like us amongst themselves,
Aftab wonders, if you be happy against your own will or humane desire,
If reincarnation randomly destined life back amongst Dalits Shuders."
(REF. 1. Bhai= Brother)

"Stop terrorization deprivation bombings self-suicide,
Synagogue mosque mandir church, all temples are mine,
Aftab is Love, worships agnostic religious all human kinds,
Tavern demands drunkenness, sipping sweet love-wine Divine."

TO BE ADDED:  Poem "Who Recognized Whom"

"Soul searched all around, returned with some answers,
Nothing lays in-betwen, the existence non-existence matters,
Advanced souls know Aftab, existence within non-existence,
Death, a form to sleep, non-existence is immortal silence."

"Wayfarer, walk away from all creeds, called religions,
Garbed as non-violence, even sufism smells extremisms,
Khayyam, if Aftab is not a sufi, by their hypocrite politicized way,
Violence follows in variety, fate of rinds(1) and regions."
(REF.1. Rind=Independent thinker)

"Sweet-looking bitter folks, back-bite portraying as sufis,
Paleet(1) ego often prevents, their inner soul an ease,
Drink wine Aftab, with the blessing of Ustad Khayaam,
Antidote to ego, when sipped by Aftab's Bar rules."
(REF. 1. Paleet=Polluted)

"Spring is known to bloom firey flowers often so historically,
You and Me are nobodies, power politics bloody red unruly stingy,
Aftab escaped happiness and sorrow sipping red ruby wine,
Love smiles tears drown together, Goblet itself a mystery.

"Spring never endears, false hopes always unclear,
Seasons wine lovers, often lack permanent color,
Heart's prayers rarely answered, skies lack independence,
Sensitive soul desire needs friendly passionate patience."

"Conflicting lobby interests, portrayed as "Clash of Civilizations",
Power politics is always same, Huntington mystified  socializations,
Bin-Ladin only injured, America's Muslim acculturizations,
Wine after September Eleven Aftab, lacks intimate intoxications."

"During the prefatory planning, humans were never consulted,
Ethics of love-hate heaven-hell morality remain unresolved,
Fate confused Aftab more, presenting love in multiple faces,
Politically motivated romances, prohibited in innner heart-soul entrances.

"Dearest ones often defunct, leaving behind beautiful memories,
Nostalgic heart never learned repairing, friendship with fairies,
Perennial summer flowers lack, the fragrance of faithfulness,
Erudite sweethearts often forget, Beauty's glorifying versions."

"Oh heart be sure, obscure is not the only soul priority,
Colored in-between love-hate, mysteries of eternal reality,
Aftab drowned unresolved images in the Goblet to save Heart,
Beauty prohibits reasoning rationality reality surreality".


"Where the earth begins, sea awaits land,
Where sea starts, earth gets kissed,
I live within earth, water, fire and wind,
Away in freedom from identities confused.
Aftab maintains no address,
Erudite Sweethearts are accustomed to erase,
It's hidden in the soul of moonbeams,
In green crops and playing desert fields,
In the bottom of oceans, in sips found on beaches,
In wishes of lovers, within sweetest tongue of mothers,
In expressions of love, amongst flowers romantic roses,
In amourus smiles and tears, amongst hateful racism scenes,
Indus son does not believe in ethnicity possessions,
Those who understand "Ishque"(1) know it well,
In entire Cosmos, Sweetheart is Aftab's address.

(Ref. 1. "Ishque" is a multidimensional phenomenon and the "passion of love" is, but only one among them. It is very difficult to define Ishque. In the West, love is often understood by various forms of infatuations. "Ishque" on the otherhand, represents the advanced stages of love, which may or may not involve infatuation and/or be beyond them. Ishque is love of all loves, infatuation of all infatuations, attachment of all passions and much more. It is felt only and has no criteria to be judged by other than perhaps the intensity levels of soul relationships. This intensity transforms lover and beloved, unites them into "One" single reality emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Ishque reflect the stage where pain brings pleasure and is felt no more. It mirrors the unity of souls, which is a very holy sentiment beyond materialism, where any act of love or infatuation, physical or psychological is nothing but only worship. It is an advanced stage without expactations, where one always wishes to give, never aspires receiving. Libertine mystics have often perceived infatuation as an elementary stage of love and love-making an act to cross the bridge between elementary infatuation and the advanced spiritual stages of higher love. Just as all writing is not mystical, every infatuation or act of love-making is not mystical or holy. It is felt only by a few blessed advanced souls with some mystical qualities themselves. Only advanced souls are able to attain these higher post-infatuation phases. The "Ishque" phenomenon hiterto remains complex to describe for its too many mystical complexities. It appears that no particular word in Western languages has yet expressed exactly what "Ishque" means. Briefly, it is much more than the love of all loves and beyond, not merely some acts of infatuation.)

2. HOPE (To be edited)
"Dark clouds keep raining,
Darkness has dominated,
Our hearts minds and souls,
World has not ended or gone still,
Sky not fallen; life goes on,
Let us drown fears in goblets,
Hoping the light to enlighten us,
Let us not discuss rain,
Temporary solace is fine,
Let us sip nector from our lips,
This red ruby wine entices hope,
To kiss moon and sun on your face,
Give me an intoxicating kiss,
Like rain, love thrives on moist Hope,
Without kissing water earth dries,
An act of environmental sublime,
Little is left of our lifetimes,
Yours mine alike.
Moonshine appears sad around grave yards,
Moonlight doesn't feel to think so,
Time however is precious,
Why waste a lifetime,
Yours and mine alike,
Dont await for unknown heavens,
Come close open lips,
Let us sip little more love,
Before clouds rain again,
Drown the sunshine,
Hopes may not materialize,
Power politics is never trusted,
Sweetheart, what are you waiting for?
Let us make love right now,
Why wait another life,
Another moon to shine,
Everything is temporary,
Infatuation, love, promises, life,
Age old mysteries originate
So many lifetimes we don't realize,
Only Heart and Soul can define,
You don't seem to remember, but
Aftab has been following You,
Sometime soon, sometime late,
Find some time to discuss,
Playing of love-lives,
Mysteries of beauty,
Darkness and tragedy,
Romance of rain sunshine,
Like yours and mine."

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