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(from the poem "No Ethnicity" below)

Dedicated to the Sophist Scientist
(1048-1131 AD)

Raise O Sweetheart come for the sake of my heart,
Our difficulty with your beauty please do melt, At least a jug of wine we may drink, Before they...

Whenever truth measures love, as heart soul do
Love manifests friendship and friendship determines love

In Trance from *Aftab's Bar*
In the Path of Love: mystical romantic poetry 

Happy New Year 2012

 "Like every new day for us are New Years
Aftab celebrates beautiful charms it offers
Life may go on, but love remember us today
New Years be around, us absent as mataphors."
Aftab Kazi December 31, 2011

"If drunk by Magian's mystical drink, so I am,
Call me drunkard, lover whatsoever, so I am,
Stop hatred in the garb of esoteric subnationalisms,
A Khayyam follower social scientist Aftab I am."
(Magi + Pro-Zoroastarian mythical belief later adapted by other religions)

"Khayyam, I wish you were here creating with me,
New chapters shy beginnings and romance files,
Inscribed with tears and forever beautiful smiles,
Annals of love freedom and hypocrite love crimes."

"Friend, we have experienced together always,
Love splendors pleasure pain love-longing sorrows,
Khayyam observes everything from Beauty to Beloved,
Aftab through your thoughtful thirsty wandering eyes."

"Mind experiments in the Heart's rational romance laboratories
Aftab explores Love science, mysterious sweet-scented hypotheses
Fate blocks reasoning, subverts applied methodology adulation factors
Deduction induction evade affections, theoretical quixotic variables." 

Aftab may appear an elite, he is made of dust
Accomplishments always tell Aftab, so what

Generic Moment
"False promises tarnished love's image in the Tavern
Dichotomic charms never attract true lovers again
How long hearts be deceived in Aftab's Little World
Humble often determine Might's fate now and then."

How Long
"Motives determine love relationship future
Ah! Unfaithfulness you responsible for failure
Greed destroyed many Love did so to Aftab
Heavenly cruelty how long life may nurture!"


“Charming looks, beautiful words, fake professional grace

Disingenuous play constantly games with a different face

Well-worded ugly interpretations contaminate genuineness

Aftab’s Bar regulars value truth with heavenly elegance.”


“Come celebrate, pleasure pain true love affection
Although apart, longing exhibits sincere connection
Aftab cherishes beauty love pleasure even imperfect
Unconditional determines love relationship perfection.”

(All quatrains, poems and other material on this site are copyrighted with the Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; not allowed for any purpose in any form other than the personal use by poetry lovers and admireres of Omar Khayyam.)

Dear visitors,
Thank you for visiting My Little World.  Presented here are some mystical-romantic quatrains and poems of mine inspired by the poetry of my role model Hakim (Dr.) Omar Khayyam (1048-1131 C.E.) celebrated sophist scientist and poet-scholar of the then political-cum- cultural Central and Southwest Eurasia. Khayyam's poetry, philosophy, unambitious and unpretencious personal character and his worldview has influenced my life considerably.  With kind regards, Aftab


For Bukhara Love
"Ah! International politics intervening creating new walls
Lovers separated suffer more behind New Cold War walls
Life's short, great games long, unknown fate decreed
Beloved write a Will, buried next to Aftab's tomb walls."

"You promised to return celebrate my birthday
Knowing not you'll depart this world same day
Aftab's Little World doors are always open for you
Come love in dreams celebrate our souls someday."

"Wasn't easy to materialize dreams near so perfect
Destiny drowned reality, who's fault is it?
Aftab searches love images in tavern to start afresh
World lacking logic and reason, who's fault is it?"

"Fate arranged soulmates' reunion in the world of Beloved
A great birthday present bringing with the beautiful Beloved
Just as Aftab breathed life afresh in the arms of Beloved
Life heralded time's up, go back to the old soul world."

"Can we touch souls once again my beautiful Bukhara love
Separation overshadowed passion our promises of love
Your sweet kisses smiles and tears remain permanently in Heart
Aftab desires fresh start, staying the familiar old path of Love".


Ahead Ashiq's path deadly dangers await
Right fire left water and love-longing; challenges wait!
Destined decisions fate is assigned to implement
Aftab can't comprehend Beloved's mystical mysteries".
(Ashiq= Lover in love of the love at an advanced stage)

"Heart bleeds, soul is confused O Benazir
Beloved charismatic leader of Pakistan O Benazir
Like your great father you followed martyrdom
Many sad New Years Aftab without Benazir"
December 28, 2007 (Great Soul Departed on December 27)

Graceful Beloved hasn't remembered love recently
Aftab apologizes possible inadvertent mistakes mighty
Treasure our memories as Healer for future life
Amid unkind cruel comedies, they may come handy."

"Don't worry about fate, life here and after goes on
Fill Aftab's creamated dust jar with Cabernet Sauvignon
Dust must be intoxicated before spurred in Indus waters
Soul must be relaxed  from love pain when life went on."

"Don't blame bibbers, mullah, priest, rabbi others
Hypocrite world order distincts among true and false
Aftab never entertained ambitions of Heavon  or Hell
Life rich with love, transition assures more smiles." 

"Love-longing answered, love with love reciprocated
All gracious and kind is the sweetest rosy Beloved
Aftab happily sips from her lips the red ruby wine
Bless Lord all lovers with affections accomplished."

"Moon of many moons, the human moon of heart
Silently spreads moonbeams, your smiles reflect
You and Aftab are  tourists in worldly caravansrai
Appreciate now, love seasons always are very short."

"In a Silk-route garden cafe surounded by flowers 
With fairy-like friend; Aftab takes her hand in hands
Saki or waitress serves smiles with food and drinks 
Lucky us, worldly caravansrais care about love less."
"Don't hang around Beloved is not found every where
Flames may float inside, desire fulfills very slow
A moment of love equals a lifetime yet counts very low
Like Phoenix dies regrows, Aftab searches himself in Love."

"All of my professors one by one continue to depart
Who gracefuly shared knowledge, insights so smart
Aftab, share poems with your students over cups of wine
Who may remember their professor, lying in the dust lot."

Letters of the Soul
Random Selections

"Born and raised son of the Indus he was,
Adapted by Ohio Allegheny and Ohioghenny rivers,
To educate him at the University of Pittsburgh.

Potomac's adapted eclectic son is now hosted by,
Weisse Elster im Universität Leipzig and Johns Hopkins,
Loved by Oxus Jaxarte Jehlem Chenab rivers.

Intercultural and international soul that he is,
After researching many years ethnicity nationalisms,
Denounces these prejudiced sources of conflicts.

A Sindhi yet an "Outcast" in Sindhi community of North America,
Popular among Gods Goddeses Asian African European,
Respected by Caucasian Spanish Indian and African-American.

Ethnopolitical hatred is perennial poison to world society,
Aftab denounced the parochial ethnoreligious subnationalisms,
'Free men maintain neither possessions nor ethnicity'."
(NOTE:  The advice of Ms. Silke Schilder [Berlin] and Dr. Gerd Strüblert [Leipzig] about rivers in Germany is gratefully appreciated. Dr. Strüblert very kindly explained  the importance of Weise Elster, great scenic river, which gracefully flows by the Clara Zetkin Park in lovely and schön (beautiful) Leipzig. I feel honored to have spent a few precious years at the University of Leipzig. This time-period was instrumental in the awaking of the mystical faculty of my mind.  AK)

"Some find ugliness in beauty, others cultivate love
Destiny designed this soul as bonded slave of love
Aftab may appear elite, he's made of dust , a nobody
Weavers don't know hatred  jealousy's nerve."

"Accept Sweetheart, adorables unfaithfully astray,
Beauty's charm in body-form, subjected to decay,
You and Aftab, flowers stars will duplicate dust soon,
Love fragrance and longing, formless Soul eternally stay."

"Your beautiful face rosy lips and this red ruby wine,
You and Aftab human goblets will be dust with passing time,
Listen to Heart don't confuse Soul, why argue by Mind?
Love-longing in my verses, few more moons remain to shine."

"Ignore fickleness of the mankind civilization or culture,
Luckily we spend little time in enigmatic infinite sphere,
Aftab knows to stop time momentarily playing as best kisser,
Endearing infidel whatever, best kisses expect no future."

"Early one still healing, new one wounded heart O Madrid,
This spring flowers won't smell perfume O Madrid,
Pages of love been torn from the life's notebook Aftab;
Write afresh amorously, the curricula of love O Madrid."

"When will you learn to heal hearts with a smile?
Without love, human rights businesses are futile!
Aftab expects nothing from earth, only gives and loves,
Beauty without grace causes heart-quakes senile."
(Aftab = Sun)

Stop terrorization deprivation bombings self-suicide,
Synagogue mosque mandir church, all temples are mine,
Aftab is Love, worships agnostic religious all human kinds,
Tavern demands drunkenness, sipping sweet love-wine Divine."

"Let George Bush, Jr. worry about Bin Ladin Afghanistan war,
Aftab is already entangled with indecisive ignorant PiAr (1),
New Great Game continues inside heart continents far,
Soul bleeds apar in romantic and geopolitical heartlands (2)".
(REF.: 1. "PiAr" means love in some Central/South Asian languages. 2) Halford Mackinder's theory (1904), i.e. The Pivot of History.) 
"Spring is known to bloom fire flowers often so historically,
You and I are nobodies, power politics red unruly stingy,
Aftab escaped happiness and sorrow sipping red ruby Wine,
Love smiles and tears drown together, Goblet itself a mystery."

"Come sweetheart come more lifetimes of love to share,
Make love religiously satisficing to heart's desire,
Life's party borrowed moments, happiness a Divine secret,
Aftab must be drunk with love to reenter old dusty sphere."

"How many times do you break loving hearts every year?
How many times do you fall in new love every year?
Aftab is still picking heart pieces reconstructing himself,
Hoping Sweetheart's lovely smiles eternally every year."

"Spring has arrived, winter continues not gone,
Pages of life turned, desired dawn must yet  arrive,
O Heart do not despair, if sweetheart changed her mind,
Love seasons bring anew, roses thorns in Aftab's sphere."

"Friends join me, let us treat heart's penetrating griefs,
Clear hurt with Conchaytoro, wipe torment with wine sips,
Aftab smiles at gestures of the delicate figured in Taverna,
Enjoys elixir; wishes heart-breakers heal own sorrows regrets."

"Beauties myriad around with lonely hearts torn apart,
Sun beams fulfilled Sweetheart to shine Aftab's heart,
Capriciously giving, kindly Love expects naught in return,
Soul mends in compassion, broken hearts romance fine art."
(Aftab means Sun in the Persian language)

"How to return your kindness, tell me O pleasant Artist?
Independent as you are, a magnificent work of Art,
Convert smiles in love mine, infatuation in spiritual Rhine,
Why create love-scenes? Reject then passionate pictorial Art?"

"O beautiful Artist can you reflect the painstakingness of heart in Art?
Have you crafted ever the canvass of pleasant yet restless heart?
Depicted love-longing in the language of helpless nostalgic heart?
Has any enflamed your heart, if not find from mystical Aftab."

"O Fate-writer, can your artistry reflect the painstakingness of heart?
Is your canvass complimented with the art of winning a loving heart?
Appreciate roses thorns in love path longing lonesome vacant heart?
Friend if not, learn from Aftab pleasure pain processes heartistically."

"Neither You nor I may understand pleasure pain heart-soul hurt mystery,
Aftab's longing your ignoring yet remembering in fashion so very friendly,
Geopolinomics be playing, hindering love desires dreams and passions,
Whenever realized, neither You nor I be around admire love amorously."

"New Year brought your happy message in true friendly sense,
You and Aftab felt incomplete without each other affectionate,
Whenever Truth measures love phases the way heart soul do,
Love manifests friendship and friendship determines Love."

"It may look late, but memories never age,
Love and life images constantly may change,
Aftab knows, Sweetheart neither changes nor will age,
Beholders perceive vintage through Beloved's own eyes."

"Peace of mind heart or world like a seasonal idealist flu,
Romantic social or political great games in forms continue,
Aftab knew, You cannot fulfill love demands romance dreams,
Although heart dearly desired, it longed to be loved by You."

"Wayfarer, walk away from all creeds called religions,
Garbed as non-violence even Sufism smells extremisms,
Khayyam, if Aftab is not a Sufi by their hypocrite politicized way,
Violence follows in variety, fate of rinds(1) and regions."
(REF. 1. Rind= A libertine mystic/an independent thinker)

"Searching all around Soul returned with some answers,
Nothing lays in-between the existence non-existence matters,
Advanced souls know Aftab existence within non-existence,
Death a form of sleep, non-existence is immortal

"Gulu's Mother are you proud? Gulu dehumanizes Sufism,
Insults Latif Sachal, politicizes violence esoteric subnationalism,
Abuses knowledge, preaches bigotry copying pseudo-intellectualism,
Aftab forsees Sindhis suffering, O Gulu your raw cultural chauvinism."
(Gulu is a name, short for Gul (flower) or Gulab (rose) ; Latif and Sachal are the 18th century AD mystical poet saints of the lower Indus Basin (SINDHU as the indigenous people call it)

"Brahman Bhai(1) be kind to Castes called Dalits Shuders,
Beloved's Creation loves God by Heart like us amongst themselves,
Aftab wonders, you be happy against your own will or humane desire,
If reincarnation randomly destined life back amongst Dalits Shuders."
(REF. 1. Bhai= Brother; Dalit Shuders= Lower castes in India)

"Real World so strange! Advanced learning often reverses roles,
Experts easily change opinion, thanks to operating lobbying chores,
Valuable geopolinomic methodologies, yet policies regress quality more,
Objectivity orphanors, Aftab when media masterminds political subtleties."

"If you've become a popular politician, so what?
Even an insecure restless billionaire, so what?
Money and power never help anyone escape Death!
Accomplishments always tell Aftab, so what?"


"Friends Felicitate, foes forget the Honor for America

Congratulations Obama glorious President of America

Nobel prize will noble, humble critics' confused hearts

Aftab in sky celebrates anew, rejunevate America."



“Respect the Honorable role fate have you assigned

Ignore misperceptions lobbying groups have designed

Make history; not what chroniclers may make of you

Aftab’s Bar wisdom might strike versatile enlightened.”


“Whence the charm that once sparked romantic hearts?

Arrogance never wins before dignified loving hearts

Free souls celebrate confident in Aftab’s little universe

Love path safer again; Congratulations loving hearts”.



"Wasn't easy to write dissertations explain phenomenons

Scholarship often fears hypocrite's subjective notions

Professor told Aftab objectivity makes and shakes careers

Goblet clarified, intellect can also resemble spoiled onions."

BIOGRAPHIC NOTE: Aftab is a  political scientist, currently  a senior fellow of  the Johns Hopkins University's Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program  and the Institute of Security and Development Policy Stockholm Joint Center at the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC.  He is also  a Senior Associate of the Cornell Caspian Consulting (Sweden), and a fellow of the Institute of Political Science, University of Leipzig (Germany) completing his advanced study dissertation. Recently, he served for a year as Higher Education Commission Foreign Professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Studies, National Defense University of Pakistan and Department of International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad.  He also spent approximately two years as professor of International & Comparative Politics at the American University of  Central Asia in Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic). Formerly, he served as a civil service officer in the United States Department of Education. In December 2004 and 2007, Aftab was invited among the independent international observers by the Republic of Uzbekistan to monitor the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections respectively. While in the U.S. government, Aftab served simultaneously  as a visiting faculty in various national and international universities and for scholarly activities was honored as Unsung*Hero by the President's Council on Management Improvement and Voluntary Service..  His national and international appointments (Professor, research scientist, fellow, senior fellow, associate, senior lecturer, lecturer etc.) include the University of Pittsburgh, University of Virginia, Howard University, Bukhara State University (Uzbekistan), University of Maiduguri (Nigeria), University of Sindh (Pakistan) and the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad.  At the University of Sindh, he also served as chief executive assistant to Vice Chanecellor on the post of Pro-Vice Chancellor, besides roles such as  acting director Pakistan Studies Center; acting dean, Faculty of Education; coordinator, Non-formal Education Program, and as professor of International Relations/Studies. He is the founder and first Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Asian and African Affairs (1988-94) renamed as Journal of Third World Spectrum since 1995. Aftab holds the Doctor of Philosophy degree in International and Peace Studies from the University of Pittsburgh with an interdisciplinary specialization in comparative and international history and politics; conflict, peace and security studies; international development education and cultural diplomacy. His research mainly focused on ethnicity and nationalism (esp. Indus basin/Pakistan and Central Asia); education, foreign and security policies in and between the United States, Pakistan, Central and Southwest Asia. Other research contributions include areas related to geopolinomics, transit-route politics, civil-military relations, nation and state-building, and political behavior and political development (esp. political socialization and stratification). Prior to completing doctorate, Aftab studied economics and international relations at the University of Sindh (Pakistan). He has conceptualized the history of Pakistan as an Indus River Basin State, focusing upon the geopolitical relationships between Central and Southwest Asia. Also, he has contributed to the study of politics and education, non-formal and distance education, development administration and Federal grants management in United States.

PUBLICATIONS: Aftab has authored two books, i.e. Ethnicity and Education in Nation-building: Case of Pakistan and The Politics of Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan, beside several articles in his various fields of  specialization. Currently, he is nearing completion of a forthcoming book  End of Geopolitics and the Beginnings of Geopolinomics: United States in Central and Southwest Asia".   Also, he is simultaneously working on another book Geopolitical History of Central and South Asia  focusing upon the intercultural and international relationships between Central and South Asia from an evolutionarly to the present day power politics,  a passion he developed during his early twenty's as a graduate student, while studying for his Master of Arts degree in International Relations/History at the University of Sindh.  While at the American University of Cental Asia, he designed and developed a course Geopolitical History of Central and South Asia , based upon his personal lifetime study. experience and nuances, the course is copyrighted  with he office of copyrights, Library of Congress, Washinton, DC, USA.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

*A Lover's Desire*
Dedicated to Olga
"Love-longing answered, love with love reciprocated
All gracious and kind is the sweetest rosy Beloved
Aftab happily sips from her lips the red ruby wine
Bless Lord all lovers with affections accomplished."
5:53 pm est 

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"All Our verses are edited and compiled together,
Visit My Little World, feel your beauty in order,
Aftab has filed our memories in the cabinet of Heart,
To respect You feel proud peaceful and sober."

HONORS: In 1992, Aftab was honored as Unsung Hero* by the President's Council on Management Improvement and Public Employees Roundtable for distinguished public service and voluntary scholarly activities, while serving the United States Department of Education. His poetry has been honored twice by the International Society of Poets as an International Poet of Merit during the ISP conventions on August 25, 2002 in Washington, DC and on February 28, 2003 in Orlando, Florida. His biography is listed in various volumes of Marquis Who's Who editions.  The 2004 edition of The International Who's Who in Poetry published by the International Library of Poets (USA) presented Aftab's poetic work among the selcted few (only four) Featured Poets. Also honored twice in 2005 and 2007 respectively with an award Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by the International Society of Poets.  In August 2008, He received Editor's choice Award The Best Poems and Poets 2007 by the International Library of Poetry

LIKES AND DISLIKES: Aftab likes simplicity, mysticism (not be confused with Sufism), international history, reading, music, romanticism, secular spirituality, international cooking (Specialist in 99 dishes), water (No water sports though), cricket, wanjha-watee (A field-sport in the lower Indus Valley) and whatever else heart and soul inspire to do. Reciprocates kindness with kindliness and friendship with friendliness; believes in humanness, faithfulness and objectivity. Aftab dislikes greed, hypocrisy and lies.

"If you've become a popular politician, so what?
Even an insecure restless billionaire, so what?

Money and power never help anyone escape Death!

Accomplishments always tell Aftab, so what?"